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Global EDGE Advertisements LLC | 12 Years of altruistic service! A 360 degree service integrated Ad agency in UAE. We do boast targeted strategies, media planning and buying.

PR MArketing

Digital PR is revolutionizing the way brands communicate, engage, and connect with their target audience. As consumers increasingly rely on online channels for information and entertainment, the role of traditional media has expanded to include influential digital platforms. The rise of social media, online publications, blogs, and other digital outlets has given birth to a new era of PR – Digital PR.


Expanded Reach

Digital PR empowers brands to reach a vast and diverse audience. By leveraging the power of online platforms, our clients can connect with potential customers not only in the UAE but also across the globe.

Engaging Storytelling

Through compelling storytelling, we craft narratives that resonate with the audience. Our Digital PR campaigns are designed to evoke emotions, build connections, and leave a lasting impression on the target audience.

Enhanced Credibility

Being featured on top digital publications and platforms enhances a brand’s credibility. As we are connected with TOP publishers in the UAE, our clients can enjoy a strong and trustworthy online presence, positioning them as industry leaders.

Measurable Impact

Digital PR offers valuable data and analytics that allow us to measure the impact of our efforts accurately. This data-driven approach enables us to optimize campaigns for better results continually.


Comprehensive Digital PR Strategies

We develop tailored Digital PR strategies that align with your brand’s unique goals and objectives. Our team leverages their expertise to create campaigns that deliver tangible results.

Top Publishers Network

Through our established relationships with TOP publishers in the UAE, we secure high-visibility placements for our clients, ensuring their stories reach the right audience at the right time.

Multi-Platform Approach

We adopt a multi-platform approach, tapping into a variety of digital channels to maximize the impact of your brand’s message. From online publications and social media to influencers and content marketing, we leave no stone unturned.

Creative Content Development

Our team of skilled content creators crafts engaging and shareable content, compelling your audience to take action and driving organic growth for your brand.

Result-Oriented Execution

We execute our Digital PR campaigns with precision and dedication. Each step is carefully planned and flawlessly executed to achieve the desired outcomes for our clients.


One of our recent proudest achievements was the digital and print PR campaign for ORO24. By utilizing our extensive network and innovative strategies, we garnered significant media coverage, increased brand awareness, and helped ORO24 strengthen its position as a market leader.


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