Airport Advertising

Global Edge Advertisements is partnered with Provantage Group International UAE as an authorized advertising agency in the UAE for Sharjah Airport Advertising. Advertising at airports targets high-value travelers and influential audiences.


Key Advantages of Advertising at Sharjah Airport

Extensive Foot Traffic

Sharjah Airport experiences continuous passenger and visitor flow, providing an excellent opportunity to enhance brand visibility. With a record of over 15M passengers in 2023.

Diverse Demographic Reach

With travelers from various countries and nationalites, Sharjah Airport enables targeting of a broad spectrum of potential customers.

High Visibility and Lasting Impact

Airport advertising ensures prominent exposure, leaving a memorable impression on travelers throughout their journey. Especially newly installed digital screens at arrivals baggage carousels.

Advertising Options Available at Sharjah Airport

Dynamic Digital Displays

Utilize high-definition screens strategically positioned across the airport for engaging advertising campaigns. In total 68 screens are available on every touchpoint

Customized Airport Signage

Customize airport signage to effectively showcase your brand, products, or services, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.

Prominent Banners and Billboards

Strategically position eye-catching static and lightbox banners in crucial locations like arrival and departure points to maximize visibility and engagement.

Baggage Claim Advertising

Effectively reach travelers waiting to collect their luggage by strategically placing impactful advertising in baggage claim areas & maximizing engagement.

Exclusive Airport Lounge Promotion

Choose premium airport lounges for advertising to elevate visibility and captivate affluent travelers with your message & ensuring maximum impact

Parking Lot Marketing

Effectively engage travelers at airport entrances/exits with strategically placed parking lot advertisements for impactful outreach.

Reasons to Opt for Sharjah Airport Advertising

Opting for Sharjah Airport advertising presents an unparalleled opportunity for brands seeking global exposure. With millions of diverse travelers passing through its gates annually, Sharjah Airport serves as a dynamic platform to reach a wide audience. Whether targeting leisure or business travelers, advertisers benefit from the airport's strategic location in the Middle East.

Global Reach

With Sharjah Airport serving as an international gateway, your brand can access a diverse global audience.

Enhanced Brand Exposure

Airport advertising ensures prolonged exposure and heightened brand recognition.

Increased Engagement

Airport travelers often have ample time to interact with advertisements, boosting message retention.

First Impressions

As the initial point of contact for many travelers, the airport offers a prime opportunity for your brand to create a positive impact.