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Using the power of broadcast media allows you to promote your brand to a wide and varied audience. With radio, you can schedule ad spots throughout the week, across specifically identified stations and during times when your target audience is most likely to be listening. TV is still considered to be one of the most potent advertising media. Options include a traditional ad spot ranging from 15 to 60 seconds or more, to program sponsorship and product placement within shows Despite the dominance of digital, newspapers and magazines still have a role to play in delivering business results. Whatever the publication – national or regional press, consumer magazines or b2b titles – we identify and evaluate the most appropriate to reach large volumes of your target audience. When print is used in conjunction with digital as part of an integrated media strategy, the cumulative results can be 1+1=3. Using Quick Response (QR) codes that can be scanned by a smartphone or personalized URLs that take readers to a specific webpage can be an effective way to engage offline and drive action online.. This activated business vision can be a reality with GE !

Part of Global EDGE impressive full-service capabilities are media planning and buying. Providing both offline and online media services globally and regionally, with a focus in GCC and MENA, our experts provide an array of diverse media solutions for your business that are not found in other media companies in Dubai. We believe in using the right channels and tactics to communicate to the right audience at the right time, using the most effective media strategies and tactics. Our role is to help amplify the right creative idea for you by using the right distribution tactics and channel mix. By bringing together traditional media research and planning techniques using advanced monitoring tools and methodologies, we uncover behavioural, attitudinal and motivational decision drivers. Our services include a multitude of offline and online channels from OOH (Out of Home advertising), print, TV, digital screens to SEO, search advertising
(PPC), video advertising, display advertising, social media buying and analytics, email marketing, content marketing, branded content, and programmatic buying. We always tailor our media strategy based on your specific business goals because we understand that a standard set of media mix does not fit all brands and must be carefully selected in order to deliver the maximum value for both your brand and your customers. In order to do so, our media planning and media buying experts provide auditing, search and media strategy, event sponsorships, media buying optimization, SMS marketing, television media buying (TV), cinema media buying, radio media buying, newspapers and magazines media buying, outdoor (OOH) and outdoor media buying services. As a result, we stand out from other media agencies and deliver unique and creative solutions, which put your consumers and your brand first utilizing cost-effective strategies.

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Media Relations Capabilities

Media Relations Capabilities

Media Relations Capabilities, Develope Public Relations Strategy and Media Plan as per the company’s vision,
Prepare Company PR Policy Guidelines for Print, Digital and Social Media Writing, Issuing and Distribution of Press Releases and Follow-Up Organizing Press Conference, including sending out Invites, preparing Press Pack, Press Release, Speech, Biographies of Speakers, Background Materials, etc
Organizing Exclusive Interviews – Arranging the Interview Schedule, Prepare officials on Q and A. Sometimes writing the answers on behalf of the interviewee for the media
Organizing Media Campaigns, Writing Thought Leadership/Opinion Columns, Strategic Client Advisory Services on Communications, Branding and Image Building
Managing Corporate Publications: Designing, Editing and Printing Corporate Newsletters, Crisis Management, Reputation Management, Managing and Upgrading Web Contents Conduct Market Research and Prepare and Publish Special Economic Reports, Writing Speech for Chairman/CEO for Conferences, Events Issue regular Media Monitoring Reports


Global Edge has been serving clients over the last few years. UAE & Other GCC Countries

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Al Ghurair Centre

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Thumbay Group

Al Ansari Enterprises

Nabeel Perfumes

Shaikhani Group

Schon Properties

Prestige Middle East

Gemini Property Developers

Xanadu Real Estate

Direct Information Technology

Novo Nordisk

Lava Mobile Phone

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BNC Network

Business Leaders Forum

Danube Properties

Sharjah Waterfront City

Annual Investment Meeting

AIM Startup

Dubai Property Festival

Dubai Woodshow


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